January to April 2016

3 modern classics

2016 has so far been a very busy year at Alfashop. As Norfolk’s longest established Alfa Romeo and Fiat Independent Specialist we have been kept busy, both with planned repair work and the odd unexpected break down. The year started off with an influx of Alfa GTV’s at one point we counter 7 here on one day!
The 3.0 V6 is now becoming quite collectable, with very few registered in the UK. We are finding that our customers both through the workshop and via mail order are wanting high quality repairs as well as top quality parts. This is something that we at Alfashop can meet.
Lets not forget Twin Spark models, as the V6 rises in collect ability and value, the Twin Spark will follow suit.
The 916 range, both GTV and Spider are classic cars in the making.

We have carried out major engine over haul on both a Twin Spark GTV and a Spider so far this year. We had to carry out a repair on the GTV that had blown its head gasket in a major way. One of the small rubber oil cooler hoses had split, causing a loss of water.

The Spider engine work was a planned job. The car had been using a great deal of oil. This engine work involved a set of piston rings, big end shells and valve stem oil seals.

We are still working on the 1969 GT Veloce. This car will very soon be making its way to the body restorers.
At the point in writing this blog we are working on a 1983 Alfa Sud Sprint Green Cloverleaf. This has brought back fond memories for many of our customers, whose love affair with Alfa started with these cars.

A new procedure we have used in 2016 is headlamp refurbishments. Cars with plastic headlamp lenses suffer as the lens becomes cloudy and can affect the headlamp performance, this  can cause a car to fail an MOT.
Our refurbishment polishes the lens making them look almost like new and improve the headlamp performance at night. All at a fraction of the cost of headlamp replacements.

Headlight lens cleaning beforeHeadlight lens cleaning after

Remember we work on all Alfa Romeo cars, Alfa Sud. Sprint, 105 series, 33, 75, 145, 146, 147, 155, 90, 156, 164, 166, GT, GTV, Spider, 159, Brera, MiTo, Giulietta and GTA.

We also specialise in Fiat, 500, Punto, Bravo, Panda, Coupe and Barchetta.

Abarth is another model that we also cover.

On the parts side we have had some new products come into range.

MiTo tailgate wiring harnesses, these compliment the Fiat 500, Punto and Alfa Romeo Giulietta harnesses we have been selling for the last year or so.

We have also sourced and put into stock Alfa Romeo Busso V6 bottom crank pulleys. These are becoming very hard to obtain.

Also new to range is SKF cam belt kits and cambelt and water pump kits. We are running these beside the Dayco cam belt kits we have sold for many years.

We are also in the process of having Alfa Romeo GTA style clutch flywheels manufactured. These have not been supplied by Alfa Romeo for the last year. We use these flywheels for our solid flywheel conversion on GTV and Spider 3.0 V6 cars that we introduced many years ago.

Service items are constantly been brought upto date. The latest Giulietta diesel’s (Euro 5) have a different fuel filter. The Giulietta 1750TBI 2013 onwards used a different oil filter. Both of which we stock.
We also stock the Multi Air units for the Alfa Romeo MiTo, Giulietta, Fiat 500 and Abarth models. The Multi Air Units are common failures on these vehicles. The warning signs are the vehicle miss firing, lack of performance and with some vehicles alarming ‘engine’ noise. The parts needed are the Multi Air unit, gasket, rocker cover gasket, spark plug seals and a multi air filter. We would also suggest an oil and filter change at the same time.

Please do not forget about Alfashop when it comes to wiper blades. We offer wiper blades for all the Alfa Romeo and Fiat range at very competitive prices. The most important bit of information I can add here is that ours fit!

We have just received another batch of air intake pipes for the Alfa Romeo GTV / Spider V6 range and also the inlet manifold rubbers for V6 3.0 and 3.2 engine cars.

We have also just put into stock Alfa Romeo 147, 156  and GT rear top suspension strut mounts.

Top rear strut mounts

Please remember that our part sales are offerd with FREE OF CHARGE CARRIAGE to our retail customers (Mainland UK).

On Sunday April the 17th 2016 4 of the Alfashop team attended the AROC Spring Alfa Day at the Beaulieu Motor Museum some 235 miles from Norwich. The event was very well attended with a reported 900 tickets sold in advance. The weather in the week leading upto the event was very poor indeed. We drove down on the Saturday through wind and rain. Getting up on the Sunday morning we were greeted with a heavy frost and blue skies. We met many customers and friends both old and new. There were many stunning Alfa’s on display and the Museum was well worth a visit.

Alfashop Stand Beaulieu

Alfashop Stand Beaulieu

We are hoping to attend more outside events this year. If you see us at any of these shows please pop over and say hello. We normally have our ‘Alfashop Gazebo’.